How people aren't having sex as often as you think

Image: iStock/PeopleImages It's easy to assume, particularly if you aren't in a regular sexual relationship yourself at the moment, that other people are having far more sex than you are. They're probably at it every night while you catch up on repeats of Eastenders, right? Wrong. Actually, other people are not likely to be having intercourse anywhere near as frequently as you think. According to a new study by King's College London, we tend to have extremely skewed perceptions of the sex […]

Official advice is not to reuse condoms. No kidding

Image credit: iStock/matt_benoit It's great to have concern about the environment, particularly at a time when plastic use is a major worry. However, there are times when it's possible to take that devotion a little too far - let's just say there are things you should absolutely not be recycling. If you're wondering what we're talking about, we're referring to the recent news that American organisation the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued advice stating that condoms should not be […]

Are we too isolated to have sex?

Image: martin-dm via iStock We're used to living as busy a life on social media as we do offline, with most of us feeling a need to check sites like Instagram on a regular basis throughout the day. However, could this online obsession be coming at the expense of real-life relationships and experiences? Could young people in particular be ditching those exciting first sexual encounters in favour of Facebook likes and YouTube subscribers? A new study seems to suggest this is the case. According […]

Russian couple stun motorists by having sex through sunroof

You'll never think of a sunroof in the same way again (Image: gogosvm via iStock) They might still be riding high on a wave of euphoria after hosting a wildly successful World Cup tournament, but one couple in Russia seemed to be taking their happiness levels to a whole other place this week - by having sex in a traffic jam. A host of videos have popped up online and on local news media that appear to show the man and woman enjoying a tryst in a stationary vehicle. Rather than attempting to […]

Summer of love? Protect yourself against 'superbug' STI, experts urge

Image: iStock/wildpixel Whether you're heading abroad this year or just staying in the UK for this golden summer, it may be that you're looking forward to some great dates that could lead to a bit of fun between the sheets. While this is perfectly OK, experts have reminded anyone thinking of engaging in sex with a new partner to protect themselves with condoms amid fears that a little-known sexually transmitted infection (STI) could become a superbug. Mycoplasma genitalium (MG) was first […]

No more dick pics, begs beleaguered researcher

Image: iStock/Slphotography When a sociologist set out earlier this summer to perform a study on penis size and links to self-esteem, she was optimistic that her results could provide a valuable contribution to science. However, she perhaps didn't think the collection side of her research through quite thoroughly enough - and she has been forced to abandon the entire thing after the general public got hold of the idea and had a practical joke field day. Missouri State University professor […]

Switzerland launches condom lottery to encourage use

Image: iStock/AntonioGuillem Couples in Switzerland might suddenly be having a lot more sex - because a government campaign has seen lottery tickets put inside free condoms in a bid to encourage their use. The move is part of a drive by Switzerland's Federal Office of Public Health to lower rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), with cases of gonorrhoea, syphilis and Chlamydia having gone up by 20, 15 and eight per cent respectively in the country since 2016. Around 400,000 condoms […]

Sad stats show women not satisfied by sex

Image: iStock/YakobchukOlena A new poll has discovered that a surprising number of people in Britain are not satisfied with their sex lives - but may be putting up and shutting up instead of doing something about it. The research was carried out by Public Health England (PHE) on 7,367 women aged 16 to 64, who were quizzed about their sexual health and general wellbeing. It was found that across all ages, 42 per cent of respondents reported being unhappy with their sex lives, with 25 to […]

Couple joining Mile High Club achieve internet fame

Image: iStock/oleksagrzegorz Joining the Mile High Club (aka having sex on an aeroplane, if you've been living under a rock) is on many people's bucket lists as a sign of their adventurousness and need for excitement. However, one couple who decided to make their fantasies a reality probably didn't bank on their encounter going viral thanks to a woman with her smartphone video camera capturing (almost) everything. The woman with the camera was travelling to Mexico with her husband when she […]

Mind the gearstick! How Brits are drawn to sex in cars

Image: Istock/BraunS Many people get quite attached to their cars. And why not? After all, they drive to work in them, eat in them, use them as mobile offices - and apparently, use them as alternative locations in which to have sex. According to a poll by ALA insurance brokers, 49 per cent of drivers admit to having performed a sex act in a vehicle at some point, with the most common frequency found to be between two and five times. One in ten even revealed they have performed a sex act in a […]