Research success could change the future of condoms

Image credit: iStock/grinvalds You might think that there are only so many ways in which condoms can be improved since the advent of ribbing, flavouring and better fit for various sizes. However, you would be wrong, because a new study has shown that a brand new invention could soon be revolutionising the humble sheath - and perhaps protected sex as we know it. According to the Royal Society Open Science Journal, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been funding studies into building […]

New dating show encourages sex first, relationships later

Image credit: iStock/vadimguzhva If you thought the TV show Naked Attraction was the most in-your-face thing you'll ever see on the box, then you might want to think again. Always keen to push the boundaries and attempt to encourage people to have sex on live TV, producers in France have created a new dating programme that sees couples hop into bed for a romp first - and then decide if they want an actual date based on that encounter. The idea is geared towards the Tinder generation, with TV […]

Why you might want to use sexting as part of your foreplay

Image: iStock/shevtsovy We hear a lot about sexting in the media these days, and it's fair to say that most of it is negative. The papers love to report stories about how people have seen their naked photos shared to their entire list of contacts after former partners decided to take revenge. However, as a result of all this bad publicity, the chances are that you haven't considered how useful sexting could be as a form of foreplay - and how you might be missing out if you haven't given it a […]

A very extreme story shows why you should only use approved condoms

Image: Joe_Potato/iStock If ever there was a story that should encourage lovers to use only safety-approved condoms from official retailers of sex products, then this is it. The Sun has been reporting on a story about an unnamed 30-year-old man, who was tempted into buying condoms that promised "extended pleasure" and to decrease the likelihood of premature ejaculation. So far, so good, you might think. He was acting responsibly in preventing unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease, […]

Houston to 'welcome' first robot sex shop

Image: Istock/Devrimb A so-called 'robot sex brothel' is set to open in Houston, Texas next month, prompting a mixed reaction from local people and potentially interested customers. KinkySdollS opened its first location in Canada last year and punters in Toronto can spend half an hour alone in a room with a robot sex doll for $60, according to the Washington Examiner. Now, the stores are to move into the US and Texas has been chosen as the lucky first state to, er, benefit. Customers can […]

To play it safe, don't keep condoms in your pockets

Image: iStock/LisaGalimzianova It's a common scene in almost every sitcom or drama about young people: a couple is about to get down to some nitty gritty, so one of them (usually the man) pulls out a trusty condom from his pocket or wallet and uses it. However, while it might sound like a good idea to make like the Boy Scouts and always be prepared, it turns out that this actually isn't such a great plan after all. Experts from the Family Planning Association (FPA) told the Metro that pockets […]

Sexy TV sparks spicy time in the bedroom for the Naughty Forties

Image: iStock/nd3000 BBC television on a weekend evening used to be all about comfortable, easygoing, cosy dramas that eased you gently back into the prospect of another working week. Not any more. We don't know what they've been putting in the writers' water, but all of a sudden, we're being inundated with sex scenes. From Bodyguard to Poldark, it's all about our favourite characters getting their kit off and getting down to business - and the steamier, the better. Not that we're complaining. […]

NHS criticised over 'sexist' contraceptive adverts

Image credit: iStock/Highwaystarz-Photography An NHS trust has come under fire after using two adverts promoting free contraceptives during the summer holidays. Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust had aimed the campaign at teenagers and young people and wanted to promote the fact that condoms are available via doctors' surgeries and clinics, while emergency contraception can also be taken effectively several hours after unprotected sex. However, it wasn't the message behind the ads that was called […]

Man needs special new tool to remove sex toy from rectum

Image credit: iStock/Moussa81 It's been a while since we've reported any 'sex toy stuck up bottom' stories, and we thought perhaps people had finally got the message that you need to be careful when putting foreign bodies in there. Not so. The British Medical Journal has issued a fascinating new report all about how a man in Italy ended up making medical history when he arrived at hospital to admit he had a bit of a problem. The story unfolded at the ASST Great Metropolitan Hospital in […]

Want to power through your to-do list? Have sex first!

Image: iStock/vgajic If you'd like to feel more productive during your working day, then you might want to ditch the coffee and mid-morning sugary snacks and start having sex in the mornings. That's the discovery of a new survey by review site Mattress Advisor, which polled nearly 1,000 of its partnered, cohabiting web users on their morning habits and how they tend to feel during their working day. Each person was quizzed about the order in which they do things like showering, drinking coffee […]