Royal wedding-themed condoms, anyone?

Image: iStock/LisaGalimzianova We can't be the only ones who have noticed that the closer you get to a royal wedding, the greater the amount of themed tat there is available to buy. Whether you want a mug with Meghan and Harry's faces on it or a little Union Jack suit for your dog, you can guarantee you'll be able to find it somewhere in advance of next Saturday. All right, so it can be nice to have a little something to remember a momentous British occasion by - you can keep commemorative […]

Why men in long-term relationships can go off sex, too

Image: iStock/LuckyBusiness Everyone in a long-term relationship is likely to experience at least one time when they just don't feel like having sex and so turn their more amorous partner down. It's a long-held belief that it's usually women who don't really fancy a session at the end of a long day - but new research has shown that actually, men can be just as likely to 'have a headache' as their partners when they've been with the same person for a long period of time. Researchers at the […]

Millennials 'fearing the intimacy of sex'

cglade If you're a young person who's a virgin and are convinced you're the odd one out among all your friends who are out having sex every night, then you might want to think again. That's because new research reveals that most Millennials actually aren't indulging in intercourse at all - because many of them still haven't done it for the first time. The survey was carried out as part of the Next Steps project, which was started by the Department for Education in 2004 and is now managed by […]

Sex robots - and how they could help your love life

dimdimich A few weeks ago, a programme aired on Channel 4 called The Sex Robots Are Coming. It featured a futuristic robot called Harmony and showed viewers how companies across the globe are developing droids for people's sexual pleasure and convenience. The show was met with quite a mixed response, particularly on Twitter, where viewers expressed concerns about individuals interacting with robots as opposed to real lovers. However, the Californian company behind Harmony and others like her […]

TV show sets out to show you're not 'Too Fat for Love'

Staras Self-image and self-esteem are pretty big things when it comes to sex, and one of our biggest collective hang-ups has to be weight. No matter what dress size we are, the thought of stripping off and having someone see what we perceive as our wobbly bits - even if there aren't any there - is daunting to say the least. However, this experience is perhaps even more nerve-wracking for people who know they are plus-size and are okay with this, except for the fact that they don't want to be […]

Isle of Wight library takes action against horny couples

Image: 0sArT The managers of a library on the Isle of Wight have been forced to put up CCTV cameras after catching a couple getting down and dirty among the shelves of books. A statement from the local council revealed that £3,000 has been put towards installing extra security measures at Lord Louis Library in Newport following an incident that is believed to have happened at the end of last month. "We have had occasional instances of inappropriate behaviour and we hope this will act as an […]

Brothel lets punters pay in Bitcoin

Image: altmodern A legal brothel has become the first in the world to allow its punters to use Bitcoin in exchange for sexual services. Lana West, who works at the famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada, told the Sun she accepted thousands of dollars' worth of the cryptocurrency as payment for an 'intimate girlfriend experience' on April 5th this year. She explained that a "wonderful and rather tech-savvy client" asked if he could pay with Bitcoin rather than cash or credit card, so she took […]

Gwyneth Paltrow turns sex expert in Goop special

Gwyneth paltrow Gwyneth Paltrow is famed for her lifestyle website Goop, which has offered much-maligned advice on everything from beauty products to parenting over the years. However, the world might just be about to sit up and take notice of it again - because Gwynnie is set to launch a special guide called The Sex Issue via the portal. We've already been given a sneak preview of the text, which includes advice from relationship experts from across the globe as well as from the actress […]

Get ready to meet the world's most popular sex toy

Image Credit: PeopleImages via iStock The popularity of sex toys has grown immensely over the past few decades, as people decide to abandon the taboo associated with using them. If you're not a newbie to the world of sex toys, it's likely that you have a favourite item. Whether you opt for a classic vibrator or something a little more spicy, there's something out there to suit your tastes and once you find it, you're likely to keep going back. What attracts us to sex toys - a lot like […]

Can acupuncture improve your sex life?

Image Credit: Wavebreakmedia via iStock Few of us would put sex and having needles pushed into your skin in the same sentence but there are reports that acupuncture could actually improve your performance in the bedroom. The holistic Chinese practice has been used for thousands of years, with claims that it can treat a wide range of ailments from allergies and digestive problems to migraines. But could it bring more spice into your bedroom? According to the traditional Chinese medics, there […]