Chantelle Houghton's ex opens up about saucy past sex life

Alex Reid has opened up about his steamy past sex life following his split from Chantelle Houghton.

The TV personality and mixed martial artist - who is known to have gone out dressed as a woman in the past - told Now magazine he feels he has been the subject of a witch hunt after former partners Houghton and model Katie Price revealed details of his sex life.

And it seems Reid may be no stranger to using gay condoms after admitting to experimenting with men in the bedroom in his younger days.

The professional fighter also said he slept with prostitutes in the past and is not averse to using sex toys - although he wanted to make it clear that he never cheated on Houghton and told her all about his past sexual behaviour during their relationship.

"I described myself as a try-sexual once. But I'd say I'm a heterosexual man who likes a bit of kinkiness," he added.