Charlie Sheen's former lover reveals sex secrets

Porn actress Bree Olson has opened up about her intimate life with actor Charlie Sheen.

The blonde performer - who may or may not have used condoms with Sheen - told Playboy Magazine all about the former Two and a Half Men star's sexual prowess.

She explained the 45-year-old is a gentle and considerate lover, but also labelled him a powerhouse and a rock star.

"He's a very sensual and sexual person and when I was with him, I felt as if we became one together because he's just so enticing sexually," Olson revealed.

The 24-year-old adult entertainment star, who has appeared in more than 250 X-rated films, said Sheen would often choose which bed he would like to spend the night in - either Olson's or fellow 'Goddess' Natalie Kenly's.

Sheen's relationship with Olson recently made worldwide headlines as the actor appeared with his lover during his very public fall out with the bosses of Two and a Half Men.