Cheap condoms 'will be available in Ghana'

Measures are being taken to ensure cheap condoms are available in Ghana.

Eric Pwadura, public relations officer at the Ghana Aids Commission, told Adom News that the prophylactic device will continue to be sold at a reasonable price.

It comes after it emerged worry over the cost of protection could lead to an increase in the number of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

"Preventing infections should not only be reduced to [using a] condom but also people should stick to one partner and test themselves often," Mr Pwadura advised.

He added the commission is hoping to eradicate transmission of HIV through pregnancy by 2015.

For those who are having carnal relations with multiple partners, it is important to use protection in order to lessen the chance of catching an STI.

The news comes after it emerged individuals in Kenya are struggling to get enough condoms as the country is facing a shortage of the product.