China turning to condoms in HIV fight

China is to place greater emphasis on the promotion of condoms in a bid to prevent the spread of HIV and Aids.

The nation's government announced plans to cap the number of people living with the disease at 1.2 million by 2015, Reuters reports.

This figure currently stands at around 780,000 and authorities in China are hopeful more widespread use of the prophylactic will prove successful in slowing down the rate.

According to the State Council, bringing a halt to the problem will be no easy task, yet note was made of the country's progress in being able to improve the life expectancy of Aids patients.

On a statement appearing on the government's website, the group observed: "The present spread of Aids is still severe, there is widespread discrimination in society, the virus is a serious [problem] in some areas and amongst high-risk groups."

It pointed out other sexually transmitted diseases are also on the rise in the nation, while Aids is also being spread primarily through sexual means.