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Ageing couples in China are turning to sex dolls to satisfy their needs. Wives are reportedly buying sex dolls for their husbands when they reach an age that they no longer want to have sex. The dolls are helping their husbands satisfy their needs without being unfaithful.

It is thought that pensioners seeking for an easy way to engage in sexual activity are one of the reasons for the recent boom in the sale of sex dolls in Xi'an, China. The city is reported as having around 2,000 sex shops, showing that there is a very real demand for toys designed for couples and solo use.

One sex shop owner, named as Feng, told China's People's Daily Online that when the store first opened back in 1998, they were selling around 100 blow up dolls a year. However, the store is now selling around 1,000 within a 12-month period, showing that there has been a huge rise in demand.

Feng also estimated that the region is selling around 10,000 sex dolls a year, with the trend also being similar in other Chinese cities, although this has not been confirmed.

A man in his 60s called Zhang, also told the news provider that his wife bought him a sex doll when she turned 50, as she no longer wanted to have regular intercourse with him. He said that at first he felt guilt and regret as a result of using the sex doll to satisfy his needs.

Feng said that sex dolls are now being bought by a number of men, including those who are inexperienced when it comes to sex and those who are in long-term relationships and face extended periods without seeing their partner in person. Older men are also opting for sex dolls when their partners die as a form of companionship.

This reported increased demand throughout China is perhaps why the market for high-end, realistic-looking sex dolls is doing so well in the country. While some people opt for simple blow-up dolls, others are shelling out thousands for life-sized dolls that can be personalised depending on taste.