Commonwealth Games athletes 'using condoms'

At least the athletes taking part in this year's Commonwealth Games (CWG) are practicing safe sex, even if it does seem to be to the detriment of the village's plumbing system.

Reports are incoming that thousands of condoms are clogging toilets and pipes, with a health official claiming that 2,000 of the 8,000 free contraceptives provided have thus far been used.

And Indian newspaper the Mail Today bore the headline: It's a rubbery problem at the CWG Village.

Mike Fennell, Commonwealth Games Federation president, called it a "very positive story".

"We all know that promoting safe sex is a very responsible thing to do and if that is being used then I think the athletes are being responsible," he was quoted by AAP as saying.

And the contestants aren't the only ones making use of prophylactics - according to the Center for Sexual Health Promotion, an increasing number of US teenagers not in monogamous relationships are wearing condoms when they have sex.