Condom access in the Philippines made easier?

Individuals in Muntinlupa, Philippines, no longer need a prescription in order to get their hands on condoms.

A controversial ordinance that was introduced earlier this year has now been revised, the Manila Standard reports.

It means individuals who are looking to engage in safe sex should find it easier to buy condoms.

City hall spokesman Omar Acosta confirmed that officials have changed their initial policy, adding: "The mayor has asked the city council to fast-track its thorough review, but to make sure that there will be no more provisions that are legally questionable."

Under the new rules, condoms will be available to everyone who is 18 and over.

Teresita Marie Bagasao, country coordinator of the body's programme on HIV and Aids, recently said that the usage of the prophylactic has been promoted.

She told the Inquirer that if more people use barrier methods such as this, then the spread of HIV may be easier to manage.