Condom app 'reducing teenage pregnancy in Kent'

A condom app may have played an important role in reducing teenage pregnancy in Kent.

According to a report from the Kent and Medway Public Health Observatory, pregnancy rates among young females in the county fell by 12 per cent in 2011 - and it is believed that the smartphone app is largely responsible for this movement, BBC News reports.

Other reasons cited for the decline include the introduction of long-term contraceptives , the efforts of healthcare staff working in the community alongside partners and the involvement of dedicated outreach nurses.

The condom app can be used by anybody with a Kent C Card - an initiative that enables people to get hold of free prophylactics - by pointing them in the direction of an outlet where the products can be picked up from.

Julian Spinks, a GP based in Strood, said: "The teams that have been working on this have to be congratulated for managing to achieve something that in the past has been very difficult to do."