Condom awareness 'needs to be improved'

Awareness of the need to buy and wear condoms is set to increase on February 14th.

Traditionally seen as Valentine's Day, it is also National Condom Day in the US as people are encouraged to use the prophylactic device.

According to the American Social Health Association (ASHA), one-in-four teenagers contract a sexually transmitted infection (STI) each year.

As well as this, one-in-two sexually active persons will end up having an STI at some stage before they turn 25.

Lynn B Barclay, president and chief executive officer of ASHA, said: "The reality is anyone who has sex can be at risk, regardless of age or background."

It means individuals need to make sure they practice safe sex and so they may want to buy condoms online.

This follows after Ealing council launched the Let's Talk About It campaign, which is trying to promote conversation between youngsters and their parents and teachers.