Condom campaign 'failing in Jakarta'

Men in the capital territory of Indonesia have failed to take notice of a campaign promoting condom use, according to the government.

The Jakarta Globe reports how high-risk groups were targeted in the hope of spreading the message about using contraceptives.

However, one of the main collectives - men who pay for sex - is still putting itself at risk of contracting HIV as only 30 per cent do so.

Fonny Silfanus, deputy secretary of the National Aids Commission, said: "We want all of them to consistently use condoms every time they have paid sex, but we have to be realistic."

She added that one of the reasons for particular concern stems from the number of males taking part in such behaviour who are also married and may be unknowingly spreading sexually transmitted infections to their partner.

The United Nations Development Programme warns that Indonesia is at risk of a "major HIV epidemic"