Condom campaign 'has positive effect' on girls

A condom video campaign appears to have had a profound effect on girls in the UK, as it has resulted in an increasing number of young ladies believing it is positive for them to carry around the prophylactics.

Devised by Leicester City and Leicestershire County Teenage Pregnancy Partnerships, the Smart Girls Carry Condoms initiative resulted in 47 per cent more females contemplating keeping the products about their person, just in case.

The project was thought up in response to concerns expressed by girls that they may be judged as promiscuous should they carry contraception around with them.

A YouTube video - which lasts one minute and 16 seconds - was used to highlight the issue and Katie Phillips, teenage pregnancy coordinator for Leicestershire, described the results of the programme as very positive.

"By empowering these young women and influencing the attitudes of their peers, we are giving them the self-confidence to make positive decisions about their sexual health," she added.