A new campaign has been launched to encourage young people to use condoms and make a difference to lives all over the world.

Durex and the Aids charity (RED) are pairing up to promote a special edition Durex condom that will be on sale in the UK and in 20 other countries worldwide for the next three years.

Profits from sales of the safe sex tools will go towards a programme in South Africa which aims to reduce HIV infections in girls by keeping them in school, as well as to raising awareness about the importance of using protection.

Durex has promised it will contribute at least £3.8 million to the fund, while the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation says it will match the brand's donation.

A host of celebrities are lending their names and faces to the social media ads behind the campaign, including Thandie Newton, Phoebe Robinson and Jacob Latimore, with the messages 'have sex and save lives' and 'give a f**k' promoted in hashtags.

Singer Zara Larsson is fronting the initiative and said she is proud to get involved.

"This campaign is raising awareness around a hugely important issue in a provocative and fresh way. It is empowering that we can all help to protect ourselves by having safe sex. I genuinely believe that the more we speak about things, the better aware we all are and the better our sexual health will be," she added.

Although Durex might be succeeding in its on-trend efforts to promote safe sex, an organisation in the UK has lambasted the government for failing miserably.

The End Violence Against Women Coalition wrote to the education secretary Damian Hinds this month to say it thinks the current sex education programme for young people in schools is squeamish and out of date.

It pointed out that there is only one mention of pornography in the guidance and urged ministers to overhaul the programme to make it relevant for the new generation.