Condom company lends support to Skins

Hit teen drama series Skins has attracted attention from one condom company, which wants to help spread the message of safe sex.

A representative for LifeStyles told TMZ that it believes youngsters could benefit from having contraceptives featured during commercial breaks.

"We are considering advertising during Skins, as it provides the opportunity to impart a responsible message about safe sex to an audience who clearly needs to understand the implications of their actions," the spokesperson stated.

The controversial British show has recently been added to MTV America's line-up and is already causing debate over the suitability of its content.

Companies such as Taco Bell and Subway have pulled out of advertising their products since the programme aired last week.

However, LifeStyles told TMZ that it believes Skins can help educate young adults about the importance of practicing safe sex and protecting themselves and their partners.

The show first aired on E4 in 2007 and follows the everyday dramas faced by a group of teenagers.