Condom cookbook aims to promote safe sex

Condoms are worn for a variety of reasons. They guard against unwanted pregnancy, protect wearers from sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) and can even be a bit of fun if you opt for novelty condoms! However, did you know you can also cook with them?

That is the claim being made by a Japanese cookbook, co-created by comic book author Kyosuke Kagami, entitled: "Condom Meals I Want to Make for You". The book contains a variety of recipes, all of which involve condoms in some way.

Just to be clear, the book does not advocate actually eating condoms - that would certainly not be advised - but instead talks about using them as a cooking tool. The book's 11 recipes - including condom sushi and condom meat stuffing - all use condoms in some way during preparation.

Don't worry, the world hasn't gone completely insane. The book is not really intended as a serious cookbook. At least, we don't think so. Instead, it seems to be an attempt to educate people about condom use.

The idea of the cookbook is to show people how durable condoms are, while also raising their profile in Japanese society. Apparently, Japanese men are notoriously bad at wearing condoms, which has led to an increase in STDs and unwanted pregnancies, so Ms Kagami decided to bring out this book in order to tackle that.

Supposedly, seeing how a condom can be used to make cookies (a genuine recipe from the book) will increase the number of people using them outside the kitchen. This is a much better idea than actually cooking with them, unless you like your food to vaguely taste of latex.

That said, there are plenty of flavoured condoms that taste very nice, so who knows? Maybe this could be an interesting new use for the devices. Still, maybe it's better to stick to using them in the bedroom!