Condom dress created to promote safe sex

A youth centre in Australia has discovered a new way to get people talking about safe sex. The organisation banded together with many of the young people it works with to create a dress made entirely from condoms, which is now touring New South Wales to promote the use of protection.

Thirroul Neighbourhood Centre took inspiration from the Brazilian artist Adriana Bertini, who is well-known for creating similar works using condoms. The dress, which has been nicknamed 'Connie', was created by a hard-working group of 174 people, aged between 11 and 24-years-old, and required over 300 condoms to complete.

The dress has of course stirred up controversy. According to the Daily Mail, Shoalhaven City councillor Andrew Guile is opposed to the dress because it contributes to children being "bombarded with sexuality". However, the dress has found plenty of support among people who want safe sex to be properly talked about.

One of the main issues facing condom manufacturers is that people are often too embarrassed to talk about how to have sex in a safe and responsible manner. The strength of Connie is that it brings up these conversations, so people feel better about talking to others about what condoms are and how to use them.

Emily Messieh, youth and community services coordinator at Thirroul Neighbourhood Centre, told the Daily Mail: "At first the kids were saying they were not interested and that's gross but that's where the questions start.

"Some will say why is it only the boy that has to use it and if a girl kisses her boyfriend is she going to get pregnant? Making Connie helps them show that we are open to questions and we have better conversations when they are being creative."

Hopefully, efforts such as this will help encourage more people to practice safe sex responsibly. There is such a huge range of both male and female condoms available that people are missing out on because of poor sexual knowledge.