Condom dresses promote safe sex

An artist in the US has found a new use for condoms after designing six dresses made entirely of the prophylactics.

But rather than intending that the garments be worn practically, it is hoped that their creation will help to spread the important message of safe sex.

The dresses are to be displayed at the University of Arkansas' Anne Kittrell Art Gallery as part of an exhibit entitled Dress Up Against Aids, the Fayetteville Flyer reports.

Each frock has been put together using between 1,000 and 80,000 condoms that did not pass quality control tests or had run past their use-by date.

Ms Bertini explained her artwork is aimed at reminding people to be smart when having sex, adding: "Condoms must be basic like a pair of jeans - and so necessary like a great love."

The exhibit is running from March 12th to 29th and was inspired by Ms Bertini's time spent with GAPA, an Aids prevention organisation.