Condom dresses spread safe sex message

Dresses made from thousands of brightly coloured novelty condoms were the highlight of a catwalk event in Argentina.

The 17th Mar de Plata Fashion Show featured frocks designed by students from the Argentine School of Fashion, with support from the Huesped Foundation and were donated by Prime.

The foundation is a non-governmental organisation that provides programmes in HIV prevention and care for those living with HIV and Aids in Argentina.

It aims to raise awareness of the importance of sexual health among communities and supports clinical research and training.

With the show's motto being "Taking care of yourself is fashionable", it seems the gowns were an ideal statement.

A number of famous faces from the Latin fashion world walked the runway including Paula Morales, Ingrid Grudke, Mario Guerci, Pampita, Dolores Barreiro, Luly Fernandez, Pia Slapka and Tomy Dunster.

The unusual collection even included a wedding dress made from the contraceptives.