'Condom Fairy' promoting safe sex at Boston University

A new Condom Fairy scheme at Boston University is aiming to promote safe sex among students.

Launched by the university's Student Health Services, the initiative sees pupils able to order condoms that are delivered to mailboxes positioned along the Charles River Campus, BostInno reports.

People are able to place an order of up to three male condoms, two female condoms and three packets of lubricants per order - but they also have to provide information about the type of relationship they are in.

These details - which see individuals describing their union as being 'all about love', 'getting serious', 'just for fun', 'brand new', 'on the rocks' or 'what relationship?', is used to provide more information about sexual practices to the service and to promote safe sex and smarter decision-making.

The Condom Fairy scheme has proven a hit among students so far, with individuals keen to see the university encouraging condom use in such a way.