Condom found in burger

Have It Your Way? A great advertising slogan perhaps but probably not what Van Miguel Hartless had in mind when he allegedly came across an unwrapped condom in his Burger King sandwich back in 2007.

At the time, he claimed that making the discovery in his Southwestern Whopper resulted in him experiencing "pain and suffering, vomiting, nightmares, mental and emotional distress", as well as medical expenses, the Associated Press reports.

However, the New York branch of the food chain denied the claim and filed a countersuit, although it has now been reported that Mr Hartless has settled the lawsuit out of court, with both parties asking for the case to be dismissed, although details of the settlement are yet to be disclosed.

Meanwhile, across the pond, Chatham-based artist Christopher Sacre is using condoms in a modern art installation, Kent Online reports.

Available for viewing until October 21st, visitors to the Nucleus Arts Centre will see 2,000 of the contraceptives, all of which have been filled with liquid plaster.