Condom initiative targets young men

A new condom initiative in Jersey is hoping to encourage young men on the island to start wearing the prophylactics on a regular basis.

The project, entitled Protect and Respect, has been developed by the Jersey Condom Distribution Scheme, the BBC reports.

It has come around following research that showed condoms are the most popular safe-sex method among young people, yet men account for the snapping up of 19 per cent of free condoms in Jersey - the most southerly island of the British Isles.

The initiative is being aimed at those between the ages of 16 and 21 and the Jersey Condom Distribution Scheme stated: "Condoms are the only barrier method of contraception that can protect against both sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy."

As part of the programme, posters are to be hung in youth centres, football clubs and secondary schools, while a website and Facebook page are also being developed.