Condom message 'to appear on Brazilian underwear packets'

A message informing people of the role condoms play in sexual health could be included in the packaging of underwear in Brazil.

The Telegraph reports the country's congress has considered plans to place this information on bras, underpants and knickers.

Proposals have been passed which would see health advice concerning the screening of breast, prostate and cervical cancer printed on the packets.

"The bill also requires that adult women's underwear should come with advice about the importance of using condoms," the news source notes.

Ideas initially suggested that the information should be printed on the labels, but officials decided the surface area was too small.

Finnish people might find similar guidance useful, as recent research carried out by sex education organisation RFSU found condom usage has fallen by ten percentage points during the past two years.

And one-third of people in the country do not use any form of contraception when having intercourse, it noted.