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Not only do condoms protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and prevent unwanted pregnancy, apparently they can also be used to create formalwear. A new project has been launched in Omaha, Nebraska, US that shows clothes made out of condoms in a bid to teach teens about sexual health.

The campaign is being led by the Adolescent Health Project and the display features dresses, bowties and waistcoats in a variety of designs, all of which are made out of condoms. Many of the items don't look as though they are formed of condoms until you get up close, making them incredibly effective.

As well as the condom clothing, 120 local businesses will also be giving out free rubbers as part of a coordinated approach. It is hoped that the campaign will help to address the rising rates of teen pregnancy and cut down on STI cases among young people.

Details of the businesses offering free condoms will be noted on 'price tags' for each item of clothing in the display. These tags will also provide information about clinics that offer free STI testing.

Project spokesperson Jill Heggen said: "To see a dress or bow tie made of condoms, you're going to start those conversations. It catches you off-guard."

A similar project was launched last year that saw ball gowns made of condoms displayed. However, this year men's clothing has been incorporated too in a bid to have the campaign be relevant to all youngsters.

This is the latest interesting campaign for the Adolescent Health Project, which has used shock tactics previously to start conversations about sexual health among teens and young adults. One campaign saw them cover billboards with slogans like "ignorance is blisters" to try and raise awareness about the dangers of STIs.

The organisation hopes that as well as teaching teens about sexual health, the campaign will also help parents be more open about discussing the topic with their children.