Condom size, material and flavour 'important'

People need to consider size, material and flavour when they are buying condoms.

This is according to an advice piece on, which added it is also important to purchase the right type.

The news provider observed the main benefit of the prophylactic device is in the prevention of the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

It said individuals need to get one that is the correct size, adding: "Condoms that are too small can split quickly and condoms that are too big can slide off your penis."

As well as this, certain materials may not be suitable for some, while the latex option is recommended as the most effective.

Couples can also experiment with different flavours of the barrier device, as strawberry or banana may add a little bit extra to the proceedings.

Pop star Kesha recently said she is planning on lending her image to specially-designed condoms that will be given out on her tour.