Condom use expectations among African American women 'is low'

Condom use expectations among African American women is low at present, new research has found.

Published in the Sage journal Health Education and Behaviour, the study found this to be the case regardless of the motivations females have for engaging in sexual activity.

Led by researcher Julianna Deardoff, the investigation demonstrated that condom use expectations were less than 50 per cent for all forms of sexual encounter.

These included the riskiest types of sex, such as when people engage in casual flings with no intention of continuing the relationship.

It was shown that expectations for using protection were lowest when women felt pressured into having sex - such as when controlled by their partner or when they were inexperienced in such matters.

The authors noted the findings illustrate "the need for tailored interventions to increase condom use in casual relationships, where perceived risk is already high and in primary relationships where motivations for condom use may be low".