Condom use 'helps teenage pregnancies fall'

Messages promoting safe sex and the use of condoms have helped to cut rates of teenage pregnancies in one of the worst cities for such child-bearing in Europe.

The number of young expectant mothers in Hull has fallen by a quarter, with rates dropping at a much faster pace than in other regions throughout the UK, the Hull Daily Mail reports.

Reasons for the improvements have been cited as better sex education and more sexual health clinics for adolescents.

Gail Teasdale, integrated services manager for young people's health at Hull City Council and NHS Hull, commented: "It's not one of those simple things where there is one magic solution. But this is fabulous and something Hull should be very pleased about."

Ms Teasdale congratulated all the agencies that have worked together to achieve such positive results.

The findings follow recent figures from the Health Protection Agency that suggest condom use has played a role in England experiencing the first drop in ten years regarding the number of people with sexually transmitted infections.