Condom use in Sweden 'improving in the long term'

Sweden is seeing a long term trend for increasing condom use among young people, new research has found.

According to the annual Kadiskollen - which translates as condom check and included responses from 1,079 Swedes aged 15 to 65 - 50 per cent of 21 to 35-year-olds are using protection when having sex with a new partner, the Local reports.

Maria Bergstrom of the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education, which carried out the research, told the TV4 news channel that this figure is derived from a group of people who have many different sexual partners.

She noted: "The long term trend is that condom use is going up, people are sticking a little more to their principles."

Despite this, it was found that just 25 per cent of all Swedes use prophylactics in the bedroom, with more than 30 per cent admitting they do not use any form of protection between the sheets.