Condom use 'increasing in Canada'

Condom use among young adults and sexually-active teenagers in Canada appears to be on the rise, judging by newly-released figures.

Statistics Canada has revealed the percentage of individuals from this demographic engaging in this form of safe sex in 2009-2010 was 68 per cent - markedly higher than the 62 per cent recorded in 2003.

Sarah Flicker, associate professor of environmental studies at Toronto's York University - which is the third-largest such institute in the country - said it is "great" that an increasing number of 15 to 24-year-olds are recognising the need to make use of prophylactics when getting intimate.

However, Ms Flicker noted the results also show that a high number of youngsters are failing to do the same, adding: "It's a huge problem that almost three-in-ten are not using protection when they're having sex."

According to the investigation, around two-thirds of people in this age range have had sexual intercourse on at least one occasion - a sum that was little different to that reported in 2003.