Condom use 'needs to be promoted in Haiti'

More needs to be done to ensure survivors of the earthquake in Haiti are aware of the importance of using condoms.

This is according to United Nations Population Fund UNFPA representative Igor Bosc, who explained that many individuals fail to use the method of contraceptive.

Instead, many women rely on injections or the pill in an attempt to prevent pregnancies, he stated.

It was suggested that despite these alternative methods, many ladies are still becoming pregnant.

Mr Bosc described how a study by the UNFPA found a rise in the numbers of people expecting following the natural disaster.

He warned: "We need ... to raise awareness of the importance of this method of contraception, because it obviously has a direct impact on the transmission of HIV."

The UNFPA is an international development agency that uses population data to promote policies that reduce poverty, unwanted pregnancies and help raise HIV awareness.