Condom use promoted at hip hop event

Condom use is being promoted at a hip hop event in the US that is hoping to improve knowledge about HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Hip Hop for HIV Awareness is being held in Houston and forms part of a programme offering four days of HIV and STI screenings in the area, reports.

It is a free concert for the youth community and aims to provide a safe environment in which youngsters can access relevant information, testing and treatment.

The largest such event in the country, the gathering is promoting itself as a trade-in between organisers and locals, with attendees enjoying the music on offer in exchange for taking the tests.

Those who undertake the HIV and Syphilis screenings will be informed of the results on the same day, while information regarding Chlamydia and Gonorrhea results will be contacted by phone at a later date.

Earlier in the month, the Terrence Higgins Trust revealed 400,000 individuals were treated for an STI in England in 2010.