Condom use promoted through the Blue Balls Blues

A new advertising campaign is looking to promote condom use among men through singing testicles.

Named Rusty and Vern, the two testes sing the Blue Balls Blues to make guys aware of the need to wear protection when getting it on with their partner, Adweek reports.

The campaign has been thought up by John Lightstone, Jon Barco, Antonio Marcato and Brittany Weltner, with T2 Studios and Big Foote Music & Sound lending a helping hand.

Numerous posters have been produced to get the message across, while Rusty and Vern also appear in their own video to encourage men to stay safe in the bedroom.

The Blue Balls Blues website explains that the duo are on a mission to help save guys from sex-related problems, claiming they have been hailed as the "rallying cry for any testicle that's ever suffered from man's eternal struggle to remember condoms, their debut single has critics buzzing, ladies applauding and guys singing a different tune".