Condom wearers to boost sex life with curry?

Men who enjoy eating curry may find they are increasingly reaching for their condoms after consuming the food, as new research has found an ingredient in the meal helps boost a guy's libido.

Investigators at the University of Queensland, in conjunction with Brisbane-based firm Applied Science and Nutrition, discovered intake of the herb fenugreek can serve to bolster a male's sex drive by around one-quarter.

Participants in the six-week study claimed their sexual appetite rocketed by 28 per cent when they consumed an extract of the product.

The researchers stated fenugreek produced "a significant improvement in sexual function and performance".

As part of the investigation, 60 men aged between 25 and 52 were asked to take the supplement across the period.

Those who do choose to head straight to the bedroom after enjoying a romantic curry may want to make putting on a condom the first thing they do, as new figures from the Terrence Higgins Trust revealed 400,000 people were treated for sexually transmitted infections in 2010.