Condoms and sex toys left in hotel rooms

Condoms and sex toys are among the surprisingly intimate items people routinely leave behind in their hotels rooms.

Embarrassment was perhaps the reason why the owners of the abandoned sex toys chose not to call up the hotel and ask for their possessions back.

According to a new report by, dozens of vibrators are found by hotel staff every single week, as well as other items such as inflated blow-up dolls.

The company found that clothing is also typically left behind, with pyjamas and underwear among the most common items people do not take with them when they leave a hotel.

Alarm clocks are sometimes left behind too, while others have gone back to their homes without teddy bears, reports the Daily Mail.

It is not just low-cost items that have been left behind either, as dentures are regularly left in hotel bathrooms by their owners, with one gold pair even thought to be valued as highly as £6,000.

Live pets have also been found abandoned by their owners, with hotel staff recovering a group of live snails, a snake, a pet Bengal cat, a dog and a hamster.

Others left behind people, with a husband only realising he was without his wife when he got to the airport to catch their flight, while someone else set off without their mother.

Some bizarre items were also listed by Jetcost, including a classic samurai sword that was forgotten by a Japanese traveller, who left it in a hotel in Istanbul, while the owner of a gold Rolex watch worth £47,000 will have been gutted once they realised they had left behind their expensive timepiece.

A wedding was almost ruined too, as a diamond engagement ring was retrieved by hotel staff and returned to the bride just before she walked down the aisle, while the scariest item left in a hotel room was arguably a police officer's gun that was found under a pillow.

Cash is often recovered by hotel workers too, with more than £1,300 in pennies found in a Cardiff hotel room, while staff in Barcelona found £158,000 worth of forged banknotes and £6,000 was found hidden all over a Washington hotel room.