Condoms 'better than HIV prevention pill'

Condoms appear to remain the best products used in the battle against HIV after physicians objected to a new HIV prevention pill.

More than 50 specialists in the US sent a letter to the US Food and Drug Administration to urge the organisation not to approve the drug Truvada from Gilead Sciences.

A number of concerns regarding the pill's use were voiced by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which is based in Los Angeles and provides medicine and advocacy across 22 countries.

Those involved looked at data from the iPrEX study of the pill, which showed the drug could only reduce the likelihood of HIV infection by 44 per cent - an amount deemed insufficient for approval.

Such pills could result in a decrease in the use of condoms, the physicians noted, adding: "The 44 per cent efficacy that was achieved is well below the threshold generally agreed upon as necessary to be considered effective."