Condoms 'can help battle premature ejaculation'

Men having difficulty performing for long periods in the bedroom may wish to consider using special types of condoms.

Dr John Tomlinson, a trustee of the Sexual Advice Association - a charitable organisation aiming to improve sexual health for men and women - has noted there are a number of products guys can try in an effort to combat premature ejaculation.

He explained certain condoms can serve to desensitise the end of the glans and therefore reduce the sensation during sex.

The problem is one that often affects younger men and tends to disappear with age, with males in their late teens more likely to suffer from such issues than those in their 30s.

Dr Tomlinson explained: "It's trigger sensitive and therefore the guy tends to ejaculate very fast. As he carries on, if he's got a regular outlet, the sensitivity tends to lessen."

In addition, those with anxiety problems may find they are affected by premature ejaculation, regardless of age.