Condoms 'can protect against HPV'

Wearing condoms when engaging in sexual intercourse is one of the best ways for individuals to protect themselves against the human papilloma virus (HPV), which is a cause of genital warts.

Lynn Hearton, helpline and information services manager at the Family Planning Association - a UK sexual health charity - explained the infection is spread from genital areas of the skin.

Ms Hearton noted: "In that case it's not going to connect all of the genital skin, as condoms are not covering all of that. But still, using a condom is better than not."

People who have genital warts should be aware HPV cannot spread to another parts of their own body - such as hands - as there are different strands of HPV for the various bits of the anatomy they affect.

However, Ms Hearton explained measures people can take to prevent themselves contracting the virus include completely avoiding sex during the time they know their partner is infected and covering the affected area during intercourse.