HIV is a "serious problem" in the UK and people may want to find out where to buy condoms in order to try and prevent its spread.

Professor Mike Kelly, director of the centre for public health excellence at the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (Nice), said there is a large proportion of individuals who are not aware they are infected.

"There are obvious health benefits to being diagnosed quickly - they can start treatment if they need to, but HIV testing ... can also help reduce transmission of the virus," he added.

Nice - which sets quality standards and provides guidance - would like to see an increase in testing of men who has sexual intercourse with other males, while it also wants primary and secondary care facilities to offer and recommend HIV exams.

According to the body, over 40 per cent of new diagnoses in 2009 were homosexuals, while it estimates there are 9,000 men in the UK living with the disease without knowing, highlighting the need for condoms