Condoms for teenagers considering sex?

Teenagers may want to consider buying condoms if they intend to have sex.

This is because an article on by Leslie Sharpe observed it is important the issue of safe sex is discussed between parents and their children.

It comes after the With One Voice 2010 report, which found 46 per cent of teens are influenced by their parents when it comes to sex, while 80 per cent of those questioned said they would delay having sex if they had honest conversations with their family.

This means that if mothers and fathers can instill the benefits of safe sex in their offspring, there may be a reduction in sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

"We all need to sit down and open up that line of communication and educate our children about being responsible and making the right choices," Ms Sharpe observed.

A study carried out by Men's Fitness and Shape magazine found people are more likely to end up in bed with each other if there has been some "digital intimacy".