Condoms handed out at Angolan carnival

Some 10,000 condoms were circulated through Uige in Angola during the country's carnival.

As well as handing out the prophylactic devices, individuals were also given pamphlets with information about the spread of sexually transmitted infections, the Angola Press reports.

Tiago Pinto, who was in charge of the scheme, said there were also 68 HIV and Aids tests carried out, with all of them coming back negative.

According to the news provider: "[Mr Pinto] expressed satisfaction at the acceptance level and collaboration of the targeted group both in receiving the condoms and pamphlets, as in adhering to the tests."

The country is trying to spread the message of the importance of having safe sex.

It comes after it was announced 7,680 condoms were distributed at the Commonwealth Games Village, which equates to 640 a day.

The venue hosted the athletes and officials and shows precautions may have been taken by many of those competing.