Condoms handed out at festival

Condoms have been handed out for free at a festival in Canada in an effort to promote safe sex practices among revellers.

The prophylactics were distributed from the Regional HIV/AIDS Connection booth at Sunfest, which is a celebration of music, food and multiculturalism, Metro News reports.

Chris Frise, a volunteer with the organisation, said the approach is being used to help prevent sexually transmitted infections and to reduce unwanted pregnancy figures.

He explained it is necessary to be vocal when trying to get the safe sex message across, with the team heard to shout out "get your free condoms here" to draw visitors to the stall.

"A lot of people are embarrassed to come up to the booth [to get free condoms], but I feel to be aggressive is to let more people be aware," he explained.

Mr Frise added individuals are likely to simply pass by if the promoters are not loud enough with their calls.

Acts at this year's SunFest included CaneFire and Chicha Libre.