Condoms 'ignored' by Welsh schoolchildren

Welsh schoolchildren appear to be ignoring the wide-ranging benefits of using condoms, with official figures indicating that sexually-active teenagers as young as 13 are repeatedly taking the morning after pill.

According to the Wales on Sunday, they are opting to access this treatment through pharmacies rather than via their GPs, with the data revealing that 854 capsules were supplied to youngsters between 13 and 16 years old during the last fiscal year.

It was also found that just under 60 per cent of girls below the age of 16 who fall pregnant now choose to have an abortion.

Head of the Royal College of Midwives in Wales Helen Rogers called these statistics frustrating, saying that approaches may need to be reconsidered because "there's not a lot of point bringing down the teenage pregnancy rate if all we are doing is exposing teenagers to the risk of sexually transmitted infections".

Perhaps the new promotional campaign from advice clinic Brook could help, as Creative Boom recently reported that posters and other merchandise are to be distributed in schools.