Condoms 'should be available in all bars'

Fears over a growing outbreak of syphilis in Canada has led to one expert calling for condom dispensers to be installed in all bars and restaurants.

Dr Andre Corriveau commented that the disease is spreading so rapidly throughout Alberta that rapid action needs to be taken, CTV reports.

It was suggested that linking liquor licenses licenses with condom dispensers could help to reduce the number of new cases being seen.

He warned that the outbreak currently "shows no signs of abating" and has become increasingly common among heterosexual individuals.

"The number of cases has dramatically increased in the province since 2000 and in the past few years has spread outside known high-risk groups," Dr Corriveau remarked.

While the incidence rate of syphilis has risen across the whole of Canada, it has remained consistently higher in Alberta.

According to the official website, as of January 1st 2009 the region's population is estimated to be 3,632,483.