Condoms 'should be given out in schools'

Condoms should be handed out in schools to prevent the level of sexually-transmitted infections from escalating, it has been claimed.

Thalia Hayden, writing for online news source, observed there has been an increase in cases of HIV due to unprotected sex taking place.

Because of this, individuals may be encouraged to buy condoms online to reduce their chances of catching a disease.

Latanya Graham, who is on the board at Rochester City School District in New York, said: "I don't like the idea, but you're going have some kids who are going do it anyway."

Department of Public Health Director Dr Andrew Doninger found 58 per cent of 12 to 18-years-olds are sexually active.

He noted unless measures are taking the problem could get out of hand qucikly.

It comes after Katie Mara said school children have to be taught about the importance of using condoms, North Wind reported.