Condoms 'should be made available to youths in Darwin'

Individuals in Darwin should be handed out condoms in order to reduce the number of cases of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

This is according to Brian Whitbread, a man in his 80s who told Northern Territory News that it is "ridiculous" the prophylactics were not allowed to be handed out at the Bass In The Grass music festival.

"When young ones get the urge to 'do it', they don't stop to think about finding a condom if they don't have one handy," he added.

Condoms, lube and sexual health information was not permitted at the all-ages event due to a decision by Northern Territory Major events.

Mr Whitebread remarked that it is better to make sure people are safe instead of trying to get them to abstain.

Youth Empowerment Against HIV, which is seeking to "engage, educate and empower" youngsters to protect themselves from HIV and other STIs such as syphilis and gonorrhoea.