Condoms to be handed out in Berlin?

Plans are underway that will see condoms handed out in the German capital of Berlin.

Thomas Isenberg, the health affairs spokesman for the Social Democrats, told the Local that he wants to see the prophylactics distributed as soon as it is practical.

"We have a number of large and mid-sized healthcare companies based in the city who might find it an interesting prospect to sponsor the condoms," he added.

The politician continued by saying that the idea comes after a similar scheme was launched in New York earlier this year.

Mr Isenberg remarked that because of the creative nature of Berlin, there will be many different locations where the precautions can be given out.

Before it can happen, the scheme needs to meet the approval of the state parliament's health promotion committee.

Last month, the Isle of Man revealed it has no intention of giving condoms out for free, a policy that had previously been used.