Condoms to be used by holidaying gays?

Condoms may be among the items gay men are likely to carry with them during their summer holidays - and it appears they could be travelling far and wide this year.

The Pink Paper has listed the best place homosexuals might like to head to, based on how enjoyable and gay-friendly the destinations are likely to be.

At the top of the pile is New York City, which the publication described as thriving with clubs and bars.

It also noted Greenwich Village and Chelsea are two areas well known for their large gay communities.

Other cities ranking highly include Toronto - which boasts renowned gay hotspot Church Street - and Amsterdam, a place often referred to as the gay capital of Europe.

Earlier in the month, research carried out by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that gay, lesbian and bisexual students are more likely to engage in sex without a condom than their heterosexual counterparts.