Condoms to be used to address HIV crisis?

Countries may look to buy wholesale condoms as the UN has urged action to tackle the HIV crisis.

Ban Ki-moon, the organisation's secretary general, said it is important the international community comes together to address the areas that require improvements.

He was speaking as the UN launched its latest report into the topic and comes 30 years after the start of the Aids epidemic.

"It is imperative for us to re-energise the response today for success in the years ahead," said Michel Sidibe, executive director of the Joint UN Programme on HIV/Aids.

One option available to the group looking to curtail risks is to distribute condoms.

The prophylactic can be an effective tool in stopping the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

Kenya has recently been affected by a shortage of the barrier product, as a shipment of 19 million condoms only last for six weeks - leading officials to order 45 million more.