Condoms to feature in Tiger Woods sex tape?

It's possible that flavoured condoms played a part in a sex tape that a US-based porn star claims to own, featuring her antics with none other than disgraced golfer Tiger Woods.

Apparently speaking to gossip site RadarOnline, 29-year-old Devon James - who has said that the sportsman is father to her nine-year-old son - noted that the video is 62 minutes in length "and 37 minutes of it is of us having sex".

It is thought that the glamour model is trying to sell the film to a porn company in LA, although a representative of Vivid Entertainment stated that "legally we can't comment at this time".

Other celebrity-based blue movies to have been released by the organisation include one featuring Kim Kardashian and another with Laurence Fishburne's daughter Montana, while the tape of LA socialite Paris Hilton getting a little bit frisky - although not produced by Vivid Entertainment - is a well-told tale within some circles.